About company


LLC "АРМАКОН СПБ" - first of all is a team of highly qualified professionals with big experience in the manufacture of reinforcing cages, high-performance imported and domestic equipment for the production of reinforcement cages.

The basis of the company's machine park is Italian welding line DC 200-1500-12   for production of reinforcing cages for bored piles, support of bridges, columns, etc.










In the market of St. Petersburg and Moscow a lot of companies offer welded reinforcement cages , but only few of them have specialized equipment for the manufacture of volumetric reinforcement cages and also have many years of experience in this area, LLC «АРМАКОН СПБ" among them for sure.

Our advantages
The benefits of ordering and production of cages in our company::





High linearity and repeatability precision manufacturing geometric dimensions cages, hardly attainable in the hand-made and manufacture scaffolds in the jig.

The absence of metal waste in the facility, increasing productivity, shortening the construction work significantly reduce labor costs at the site and reduce construction costs and the costs of production

Welding robot secure high quality which made by using highly reliable welding technology ESAB and also with system of sensors and position feedback, by the presence of a protective gas, etc.